All-in-one IP Audio Solution for everything you need about IP voice

ZYCOO IP Audio Solution is an all-in-one IP audio communication system primarily based on SIP, streaming media and MQTT IoT technologies. Our solution provides public address, intercom, IP telephony plus IP audio communication features. SIP is the protocol used for IP audio endpoint registration, SIP paging, intercom calls, IP phone calls etc, while streaming media is used for background music broadcasting, scheduled broadcasting, emergency alarm broadcasting, automatic broadcasting etc. Finally, MQTT technology is used for centralized management of all IP audio endpoints.

The entire solution architecture is based on a combination of software and hardware components. Software components include the IP Audio Center, IP Audio Dispatch Console, IP Audio Dispatch App. While network speakers, SIP safety intercom, SIP paging gateways and IP phones are all hardware based. Below is a diagram detailing the basic architecture of the IP Audio Solution.




Scheduled Paging

Automatic Paging

Emergency Paging

Alarm Paging

Live Announcements/Paging

Prerecorded Message Paging

Text-to-Speech Paging

Zone-based Paging

Paging Group (Zone)

Background Music

Streaming Media Music

Paging Beep

Voice Intercom

Video Intercom

Call Forward

Call Transfer

Call Spy

Barge Spy

Whisper Spy

Call Split

Wakeup Call

Audio Conferencing

Do Not Disturb (DND)

In/Outbound Call Control

Auto Receptionist (IVR)

Customized IVR Prompts

Video Call

SIP Trunking

SIP Paging Recording

Conference Recording

Intercom Recording

Call Recording

System Logs

Call Logs

Volume Control

Multiple Dispatch User

Multisite Support

Endpoints Status Monitoring

Centralized Management

Device Fault Report

Device Location Mark


API Support

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