SiSkyEE - Business Skype Solution


100% software based, Generate up to 30 Skype trunks!


Nowadays, Skype is very popular and you may found many customers are Skype users. Let your customers who are used to Skype to contact with you quickly and conveniently is becoming the main job of your Asterisk/IPPBX system. SiSkyEE is the best solution for you to connect PBX to the Skype world.
Website Click-to-Call: Receive calls from website and SkypeIn number with multi-trunk.
Interoffice Trunking: Builds enterprise branch communications network through Skype with optimal design .
Skype Trunking:
Skype Incoming : Receive Skype calls from customers who are using Skype.
• Outgoing to Skype : Make free calls to numerous Skype users by office phone.
• SkypeOut: Provide trunks of making landline/mobile calls.
Remote Extension: Use Skype as Fixed Remote Extension.
• SiSky include a SIP Server, it can work as Asterisk'/IPPBX's SIP Trunk or SIP Extension.
• Remote monitoring and managing by Web.
• Independent Phonebook Utility includes public & private phonebook.
• Optional Multi-User mode feature allows every user to create his own private contacts.
• Play the auto attendant for Skype incoming call, and forward it to extension or Skype.
• Call Log & Call Statistics.
• Database sharable among cascade connection of SiSky Servers.
• Backup and restore functions of database.
• Supports 30 Skype trunks (concurrent calls) on one computer.
• Builds enterprise branch communications network through Skype with optimal design.
• Company Skype ID, add the effective voice trunk to Internet.
• Automatically finds idle trunk to transfer Skype Incoming calls.
• Automatically finds idle trunk to make Skype Outgoing calls.
• Delivers Skype functionality into enterprise extension system.
• Enable customized Speed-dial or PSTN matchable dialing plan.
• Sets a dedicated phone extension to ring for Skype incoming call.
• Multi-User Mode allows users to create and manage their own contacts.
• 'Utility' allows every user to export his personal Skype contacts into his private phonebook.
• Noise reduction, echo cancellation and compensation for losing packet techniques ensure the excellent voice quality.
• Load Balancing: system will distribute the flow rate equally among channels.

Try before buy, you run no risk in purchasing SiSkyEE. Here you can download the software directly, and try to use it to see if its performance could meet your requirement.
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